We Welcome New Clients

From tiny kittens to tall quarter horses, pets receive lots of attention at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic. We think of all our patients and their owners as new members of the White Oaks family.

In addition to Edmond, we provide small animal and equine services for the communities and surrounding areas of Seward, Piedmont, Bethany, Meridian, Jones, and Choctaw, OK.

You can expect excellent wellness care, diagnosis, medical management and surgical treatment from each veterinarian on staff at White Oaks. Our methods range from the ancient art of Chinese acupuncture for soothing your pet’s pain to high tech computerized radiology that reduces X-ray exposure.

Take a Virtual Office Tour

You can begin getting to know us by taking a virtual tour of our facilities on this website. In addition to our hospitals facilities for small pets — including exam, radiology, treatment and recovery rooms — we maintain treatment and stalling areas for horses and other equine patients.

The tour also shows our equine veterinary truck and explains how farm calls work for treating horses, donkeys and mules.

Meet Our Edmond Veterinarians

Check out our Our Team page to learn more of each veterinarian on our medical team. They are:

  • Dr. Jennifer Bianchi, an avid horse and dog lover, who specializes in surgery as well as medical care
  • Dr. Mark Bianchi, whose veterinary training includes sports medicine work with racehorses and acupuncture pain relief for small and equine pets
  • Dr. Sharla Bohi, who loves spending free time outdoors with her dogs and

Learn about White Oaks Services

Dentistry for both small pets and horses is an important focus at White Oaks, because dental health affects many aspects of health, such as the ability to gain proper nutrition.

Aside from X-rays, our diagnostic services include ultrasound imaging, vision checks (tonometry), medical assessment and blood work to detect problems. Our therapies include stem-cell treatment.

Vaccinations, spaying and neutering and identification of dermatology problems are basic well-care services included in annual (or biannual for senior pets) exams. We also stress the importance of microchipping in case pets lose collars or become lost, especially during storms.

Receiving Complimentary Advice Online for the Edmond, Seward, Piedmont, Bethany, Meridian, Jones, and Choctaw Communities

White Oaks maintains a blog here covering topics ranging from core vaccinations to storm safety.

Schedule an Appointment at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Today!

To set an annual checkup exam or to set a more immediate appointment for treatment of health problems, please contact White Oaks Veterinary Hospital at (405) 330-0676. We will gladly welcome you and your pet to our caring community.