White Oaks Veterinary Clinic understands just how important it is to do research, whether you have questions about general pet care or you want to learn everything you can about a diagnosis your one of your pets got.

Many owners research diseases so they can make informed decisions about their pets’ health. They may want to look into other treatments or better ways to care for their pets. Some just want to know what they should expect, especially if they didn’t receive good news.

No matter what you are looking into, you need to realize that the internet, though a wealth of information, is also filled with plenty of false information. For this reason, we want to make sure our owners find the most accurate information possible.

Here is a list of reliable sources to help you with your research:


Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs

Dog Star Daily

Sirius Puppy School

Web MD Conditioning of Positive Pet Behavior

Great Pets Training and Behavior

Cancer Treatment

University of Pennsylvania Radiation Therapy

Bladder Cancer in Pets

Cancer Treatment in the Companion Animal

An Overview of Cancer in Animals

Canine Mast Cell Tumors


Binky Bunny House Rabbit Community

House Rabbit Society

Thinking About Getting a Pet Bunny?

Raising Rabbits As Pets

For the multi-species family: Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Bunnies in One House.


Gingivitis and Stomatitis in Dogs and Cats

Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention

Preventative Care: Tooth Brushing

A Complete Library of Dental Care for Pets

Paragon Dental Chews

How to brush your cat’s teeth

How to brush your dog’s teeth

10 Steps to Cat Dental Health


ACTT Allergy Test

Benefits of Cryoprobe in Veterinary Dermatology


IRIS Urine Collection in Dogs and Cats

VDI-TK Canine Cancer Blood Panel

Just For Kids teaches the importances of Heartworm Disease Prevention

Learn about Heartworm Disease at the American Heartworm Society

Emergency and Critical Care

Top 5 Holiday Toxins

New Guidelines for Veterinary CPR

17 Poisonous Plants for Pets

Top Pet Toxins

Guide to Safety @ Pet Poison Helpline: 1-800-213-6680

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

Tips About How To Prepare for Disaster

Dog Vehicle Accident Tips


Veterinary Medicine Online – What Sites Can You Trust?



Pet Health Network

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Educational Resources for Veterinarians and Pet Owners

Veterinary Partner

Lafeber Vet: Client Education

Natural Pet Care


Companion Therapy Laser: Videos

Nutraceuticals for Dogs

Supplementing Your Cat

House Calls

Penn Pet Loss Resources: for pet owners seeking in-home euthanasia and/or a supportive community

Understanding Euthanasia



Pet Plan

Internal Medicine

Liver disease in pets

An extensive collection of articles as they relate to Hormone and Endocrine for Dogs

International Renal Interest Society: Understanding Kidney Diseases in small animals

Learn more about Feline Diabetes

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center


Pets Welcome-Places to stay with pets.

Home Again: How Pet Microchipping Works

AKC information for Dog Owners

Breed Identification DNA Test

Pocket Pets


Guinea Pigs


Ferret Care

Common Diseases of Pocket Pets

Guinea Lynx

Caring for your Guinea Pig



The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP)

Annamaet PetFoods

Stella & Chewy’s

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Hill’s Pet Nutrition: Prescription Diet

Pet Food Labels: Unraveling the Fine Print

Petcurean Pet Nutrition

Pet Toys and Supplies

Three Dog Bakery

Sammy Snacks (now Ancestry Pet Food)

Pure Bites

Revolutionary Bionic pet toys for all types of chewers

Annamaet Grain Free Diets

Fleabusters® Rx for Fleas Plus® Flea Powder


Learn more about medical and keeping information for a wide variety of reptile friends.

The Ultimate Bearded Dragon Resource

Are you a Gecko enthusiast?

Exotic Pet Vet

Surgical Services

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog?

Vaccinations and Wellness

Pet Care

Cornell Feline Health Center

Vaccinations for pets

The Cat Fanciers’ Association


Dog Breeds
Top 10 Signs your dog may be sick

Did you know dogs are den animals? Find out more about crate training your puppy.

Stubborn old dog syndrome or sensory decline of your senior pet?


Cat Care Tips

Cat Breeds

Information for Cat Owners about Cat Friendly Practices (CFP)

Life stressors of cats: how to make your cat more comfortable when stress occurs

CATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion

Feline Diabetes

Kitten and Cat Care Videos

Cat Professional

The Indoor Pet Initiative

American Cat Fanciers Association

Cat Watch

If there is anything else we can do, don’t hesitate to call us at (405) 330-0676. We are here to help you and your pets in any way we can!