We moved into our new building June, 2008 and grew from one technician and one receptionist for two doctors to three technicians and four receptionists for three full time doctors and one part time doctor!

We hope you find a friendly smiling face when you and your pet come into our office. The lobby is large enough to accommodate big dogs comfortably. We always try to get you to an exam room quickly, especially if your pet is scared.

Farm Calls
Dr. Mark Bianchi does take his show on the road. With a fully stocked specialized truck and a portable set of stocks, he can go to your farm for the convenience of your horse.

Big or small we can work on them all!

Radiology Services
We have a new computerized 300 Ma radiograph machine that takes excellent views of bones and soft tissue structures like the heart and lungs. This new machine greatly reduces the amount of radiation to your pet and our staff. All staff members wear special lead shields to protect them from any scattered radiation and have computerized radiation badges that monitor any accumulated radiation levels. An automatic processor quickly develops the x-ray films for review by the veterinarian.

Treatment Room
The treatment room is the most used room in our hospital. It is centrally located to the hospital ward, radiology, and surgery. We can start IV fluids here, draw blood for analysis,

We have a bank of cages with thermostatically controlled bed warmers to closely monitor our patients recovering from anesthesia or in need of extra monitoring.

Much of the blood and urine samples that we obtain can be tested in house. Within a few short minutes we will have the results. This in house lab ability means a faster diagnosis and treatment for your pet. Each technician undergoes considerable training to operate the high tech equipment.

Hospital Ward
The hospital ward is spacious with large runs to accommodate big dogs and stainless steel cages to house the smaller animals. Every unit is disinfected with a special type of chemicals to kill even the most resistant germs. Animals with contagious disease are kept in a separate isolation unit.

Equine Area
The equine treatment and stalling area is heated for winter comfort. We perform many dentistry procedures here as