From equine dentistry to equine acupuncture, White Oaks Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that provides equine care not only for surrounding communities of Edmond, Seward, Piedmont, Bethany, Meridian, Jones, and Choctaw, OK, but also statewide. As an equine veterinarian, we understand the importance of routine wellness services for horses, including dentistry. Many behavioral issues and medical problems are connected with poor oral health, including colic and TMJ. Identifying these problems early will help lessen pain and improve performance.

Horses Benefit from Equine Acupuncture, Equine Dentistry and Preventative Care

If you require an Edmond veterinarian certified to treat horses specifically, we offer several equine dedicated services. Equine acupuncture is an effective and compassionate option for pain management. Our animal clinic is one of the only vet clinics in Oklahoma to provide equine acupuncture treatment. Stimulating acupuncture points can help manage pain associated with neurological and musculoskeletal problems, including lameness, arthritis, paralysis and muscular injuries.

As part of preventative care, your horse will need a wellness and dental exam. Symptoms of a potential equine dentistry problem include: head tilting or tossing and tongue lolling to resist the bit or bridling; poor performance with the bridle such as failing to turn or stop, or bucking; and a swelling of the face, jaw or mouth tissues. You may also notice symptoms such as difficulty chewing or excessive salivation; a foul odor from the mouth and nostrils; large or undigested feed particles in the manure; nasal discharge; and blood from the mouth. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact one of our veterinarians as soon as possible to schedule your horse’s wellness exam.

We recommend regular equine dental examinations. A typical equine dental exam takes between 30 and 40 minutes. After the exam, we will leave you with a detailed chart outlining your horse’s mouth. We will also include corrections for future care and recommendations for immediate treatment, if a serious problem exists. Wellness care is the foundation for a happy and healthy horse. We recommend that younger horses be examined every six to nine months. This allows our Edmond veterinarian to identify potential health problems as they develop, which ensures speedy correction.

If you own a horse, we strongly recommend that you choose a qualified equine veterinarian to examine your horse. Veterinary medicine is an extremely broad and rapidly developing field. In order to ensure that your horse receives the best possible care, choosing a veterinarian with specialized knowledge and a substantial background in equine care is important. Our Edmond equine veterinarian Dr. Mark Bianchi has the proper education and training to make sure your horse is receiving the care it requires.

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