Our Edmond Veterinarian Offers X-rays Using the Fuji CR Radiology System

White Oaks Veterinary Clinic in Edmond provides advanced digital x ray technology for our pet friends from Seward, Bethany, Choctaw, Piedmont, Meridian and Jones. X-rays taken by the Fuji CR system are quickly processed so our veterinarian can accurately diagnose an animal’s medical condition. This facilitates immediate treatment for your pet’s injury or illness so that your furry best friend will start feeling happy and healthy as soon as possible.

Veterinary X-rays with our Fuji CR Radiology System

By inserting state-of-the-art digital imaging plates into the Fuji CR Radiology machine, our Edmond vet can take detailed x-ray images of your pet’s joints, internal organs and other parts of his body. Once an exposure is created by the Fuji digital imaging machine, an imaging plate stores the X-ray image. After being scanned by laser lights, the image is then enhanced and uploaded into our clinic’s system where our veterinarian interprets the images and diagnosis your pet’s condition.

The Fuji CR radiology system is a safe and effective method for x-raying cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals suffering musculoskeletal problems, internal injuries, tumors or other health concerns. Using this advanced technology allows us to quickly determine the severity of a pet’s health condition to initiate the recommended treatment regimen.

Why Our Edmond Veterinarian Uses X-rays

Trained in using the Fuji CR radiology system, our Edmond veterinarian may need to X-ray your pet if the animal has swallowed a foreign object or suspects the animal may have a tumor, pneumonia or heart problems. If your pet has been struck by an automobile or engaged in a fight with another animal, our Edmond vet will probably take X-rays as part of a comprehensive examination of your pet.

Benefits of Fuji CR Radiology X-rays

Fuji CR radiology X-rays are painless and comfortable. Our veterinarian will position your pet gently to optimize readability of the X-rays. In addition, these are digital X-images so you and our vet can view them on a computer monitor in real-time. You’ll be able to see and understand exactly what our veterinarian is referring to in terms of your pet’s injury or illness. This will also help you understand why a certain treatment is necessary and how your pet’s condition will improve during treatment.

Keep your pet as healthy as possible by scheduling a wellness examination with us today. If you need to get an x-ray of your pet’s injury, please contact our veterinary clinic in Edmond at (405) 330-0676.