The Importance of Spaying and Neutering in Edmond, Oklahoma

Many pet owners think of spay and neuter surgery as an option for pets, preferring the idea of keeping their animals “intact” or not wanting to make them submit to an “unnecessary” operation. Unless you specifically intend to breed animals, spaying and neutering in Edmond, Oklahoma is a vitally important procedure — not only for the sake of the local animal population, but as an important health and wellness measure. That is why our four-vet team at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic strongly urges this form of surgery for all Edmond pets.

Benefits to Spaying and Neutering at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic

Pet overpopulation affects animals, animal lovers and animal service institutions alike. While a roomful of puppies or kittens may be adorable, these animals require feeding, housing and vet care. Overburdened pet owners often must turn these baby animals over to overburdened animal shelters, that may have to euthanize them due to lack of resources. Spaying and neutering in Edmond helps our animal community thrive by not stretching it beyond our ability to care for these animals.

Pets that receive neuter (castration) or spay (ovariohysterectomy) surgery from our Edmond veterinarian may live long, healthier, happier lives. Perhaps the most important health benefits these procedures offer is the elimination of any risk of reproductive cancer. The hormonal changes produced by spay surgery also lower a female animal’s risk of mammalian cancer. This benefit alone would make sterilization surgery worthwhile.

Your pet’s behavior will also change in healthy ways following spay or neuter surgery. Sexual frustration or heat cycles typically cause animals to display more aggression and spray urine to mark their territory (which may include your living room). Sterilization removes these emotional upsets and instinctive behaviors so your pet remains calm and stay out of conflicts with humans or other animals, while making your beloved companion easier to live with and less destructive to your home. Spaying and neutering also removes the urge to roam through the neighborhood searching for mates, a dangerous activity that can lead to injury.

Schedule Spay and Neuter Surgery with Your Edmond Veterinarian

Generally speaking, the earlier your pets undergo spay or neuter surgery, the more of these health benefits they will enjoy. Of course sexual sterilization at any point during sexual maturity will prevent the creation of unwanted litters of puppies or kittens. If you also want your pet to benefit from a reduced reproductive cancer risk, you need to schedule the procedure between the ages of 6 to 10 months, before the animal becomes sexually mature. While this is the timeframe we typically recommend for spaying and neutering in Edmond, it’s also possible to sterilize pets safely at even younger ages.

Call White Oaks Veterinary Clinic at (405) 330-0676 to ask your Edmond veterinarian about the right age to spay or neuter your beloved companion and/or schedule the surgery. It could be the nicest thing you ever do for your furry friend!