Stem cell therapy can help your pet with joint injuries, ligament damage, tendon damage and fractures. Stem cell therapy uses the natural cells in your pet’s body to repair injuries. The procedure is not complex and poses little danger to your pet. Our clinic is proudly working with Stemlogix, a company that provides cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology for our patients.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The body is naturally designed to regenerate tissues and stem cell therapy simply takes advantage of that ability. Some cells are able to develop into a variety of specialized cells that can help repair damaged tissues in the body.

This is not the same therapy as the controversial embryonic stem cell research – the stem cell therapy we use is derived completely from adult stem cells. This means that specific cells are taken from the fat of your pet (where the richest source of stem cells can be found) and then developed into the needed cells for the treatment. Because these stem cells are taken directly from the tissues of your pet, there is no controversial concern and very little risk of rejection or reaction.

These cells are able to divide into many other cell types. Ongoing research continues to discover different ways this cell therapy can be most beneficial to your pet. There are 50-1,000 times more stem cells in the fat than in the bone marrow, making current procedures much faster and less invasive than previous technologies. We are excited about the results we have already seen and the continued advancements this therapy is making in regards to healing procedures.

What Should I Expect With Stem Cell Therapy?

The day of your pet’s procedure, he or she will be put under anesthetic by the vet. A couple of tablespoons of fat will be carefully removed from the shoulder or stomach area. The entire procedure is less invasive than a spay procedure and poses little risk to your pet’s wellness.

After the cells are retrieved, your pet will be generally sedated while we process them into the viable cells needed for the treatment. At our clinic, the fat will be processed to extract the viable stem cells that are highly regenerative. These cells are then delivered back to your pet at the injury site or through an IV.

Why Use Stem Cell Therapy?

Over 15 million American pets suffer from arthritis. Whether your pet has been injured or is struggling with a disease, stem cell therapy may help tissues heal. Our patients find relief from their bone fractures or soft-tissue tears with stem cell research. Although other treatments are often the first go-to, stem cell therapy can help with more serious conditions.

Stem cell research is focused on bringing comfort and healing to your pet. We will work to ensure your pet is as comfortable and cared for as possible during the entire therapy. Call us today if you are interested in the amazing healing and pain relief many pets are able to enjoy due to stem cell therapy.