The health of your pet is as important to us as it is to you at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic in Edmond. That is why we recommend every pet parent bring their furry friend in for regularly scheduled wellness exam visits. These are general examinations, where our veterinarian can assess your pet’s overall health, and catch anything new that needs attention before it becomes a big issue. This makes your pet feel good, and a healthy pet is a happy pet. Give your pet the best opportunity for a long life of health and happiness by getting regular wellness exams for him or her.

Your Preferred Edmond Vet for Wellness Exams

So, what happens at a wellness visit for your pet? Our vet will check for fleas and ticks, and provide medication to get rid of them if they are discovered. We also look for infections that might have gone unnoticed, and any unusual lumps, bumps, bruises, or growths on the skin. A check of the ears will determine if there are mites, a fecal sample will show us if there are worms, and a look at the teeth will let us know if a cleaning or other dental intervention is required for your animal companion.

Your wellness exam is also a good time for you to ask our Edmond vet any questions you may have about maintaining or improving your pet’s health, and to get suggestions from us on good wellness habits for your pet.

Wellness Exams are Part of Maintaining Your Pet’s Health Well into Old Age

Look at the exam as your annual physical. You go to your doctor every year to make sure things are A-okay, and to get advice on what to do about any issues or potential issues they may find. It helps you notice problems early, so they can be fixed and even cured. The wellness appointment is the same thing for your pet. You wouldn’t skip your physical, so why would you skip the wellness appointment for your beloved animal family member?

When pets are young, you don’t need to bring them in as often to get the wellness visit. Younger pets can come in annually, just like you do for your physical. When they are older, it is usually best to start bringing them in every six months or so for this visit, since issues can come up more often when a pet ages. Our veterinarian can check for conditions that are more common to aging pets, like arthritis, diabetes, and other such things, and get them diagnosed and treated while they’re still treatable. With proper treatment early on, your pet can enjoy a healthy, long old age, just like you both want it to be.

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